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Motorsports marketing is an unparalleled form of advertising, and the ARCA and NASCAR series offers affordable alternatives. Often the television exposure alone is well worth the cost of the sponsorship; however, the relationship doesn’t end there.

Race fans are well known for their strong sense of brand loyalty. They identify strongly with teams and their sponsors; in fact, according to the ARCA Fan Demographics Survey conducted by Billy Edwards Public Relations, 89% of fans indicated that sponsorship influences their buying decisions.

Aside from the visual impact of your logo on the car, team uniforms, hauler, etc. there are lots of other benefits a sponsor can reap. Imagine hosting your employees, clients, and vendors with trackside hospitality. Nothing beats a day at the races, especially when you have a team to call your own! Race fans also purchase a lot of licensed apparel and merchandise, including hats, t-shirts, and diecast cars.

For further information on ARCA Fan Demographics, →. ARCA Demographics

Brad Smith Motorsports offers customized sponsorship packages to fit every marketing budget, whether that means a full-time primary sponsorship, a one-race deal, or a handful of races in your target market. For more information, please contact Brad right away.