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Meet Brad Smith

Racing is all about family for me. Some of my earliest memories include helping my dad, Marv, with his 1957 Ford super stock at Mt. Clemens Speedway. Marv can now be found helping my efforts in the ARCA/REMAX series. My brother and sister, Jeff and Debra, also spend a lot of time assisting both on and off the track, making Brad Smith Motorsports truly a family affair.

I started my racing career in the ARCA series, running his first race at Talladega in 1988. I’d never gone 100 miles per hour in a racecar before, let alone over 200!

I hold a lot of respect for the “hidden heroes” of racing, “without whom a large number of us racers would not be able to live out our dreams.”

In 2014 we, (Brad Smith Motorsports) expanded our ARCA presents by joining forces with ARCA Legend, James Hylton.

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October 09, 1968
son, Ryan
1970 Dodge Challenger
James Hylton, Buddy Arrington, Joy Fair
Coach: A Season with Lombardi
Brian Murphy, Andy Fusco, Smokey Yunich
Animal House, Any Given Sunday, Steel Chariots
George Strait, Gary Lewis, Leeann Womack, Four Seasons, Huey Lewis & the News